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Paris Café Backpack with Side Pockets

Paris Café Backpack with Side Pockets

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Our stylish and functional backpack with side pockets is the ultimate accessory for fashion-forward individuals. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this backpack boasts a printed fabric that is hand-embellished with intricate bead work, sequins, and silk thread embroidery. The vegan leather trimmings add a touch of luxury while ensuring sustainability. But it's not just about the aesthetics! Our backpack is designed to keep you organized on the go. With multiple pockets, you can easily store your essentials such as keys, phone, wallet, and more. 

Unique Features:  

  • Inner lining has a unique scratch proof surface.
  • One main zipper compartment to store books, essentials, documents etc, along with an additional compartment to store smaller items.
  • Additional zipper on the outside big enough to store wallet, pencil pouch etc.
  • Two side compartments on the side of the bag to store water bottles etc.
  • Adjustable vegan leather backpack straps.


This bag pack is the perfect choice for young kids, offering a multitude of benefits and practical features. With its multiple pockets equipped with secure zippers, it provides ample storage space for all their essentials. This bag pack proves to be particularly useful as a baby bag for school-going children, ensuring they can comfortably carry their belongings with ease. It is also an excellent companion for picnics and girls' and boys' day-out adventures, accommodating snacks, water bottles, toys, and other necessities.


Country of Origin: Made in India! Let's make India proud!


Fabric: Handcraft printed canvas and 100% vegan leather
Dimensions (Inches): 10.5 X 11 X 4.75
Weight: 430 Gm
Color: Off white

Usage and Care

Pinaken products are an excellent choice for daily use due to our high-quality craftsmanship and raw materials. Follow some of our tips below to extend the life of your products.

• Wipe the stain away from the vegan leather using a cotton pad soaked in any oil (for example, coconut oil). Wipe the fabric section with a dry cloth.
• Our premium fabric products are colourfast and can be hand washed easily.
• To wash the entire bag, which is made of both vegan leather and fabric, it is advisable to dry-clean it.
• Store the products in a manner that does not flatten/ de-shape the structural integrity of the bag. You may want to stuff newspaper fillings inside the bag when storing it in a cupboard.
• Keep your Pinaken bags and wallets on a shelf to increase the longevity of the product. Avoid hanging the bags for an extended period of time, since this might create wear and strain on the handles. Likewise, avoid carrying any pointy things in your wallet. Also, avoid cramming the wallet to the point that the zippers are damaged.

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