Everyone knows how notebook is important in our daily lives. We can write ample of things in a notebook ranging from our daily thoughts, to writing something very important. As notebook is something that is required in almost every field, Pinaken presents best quality luxury flexible cover paper notebook which can be used on a daily basis or can act as a potential gift for students.

It has many features that make it stand out as compared to the other notebooks. Some of its features are that it is printed in contemporary designs and the techniques applied here are shiny and matt-finished (UV), foiling. It also has a base paper with velvet lamination. An attractive bookmark is also included with the notebook so that one can keep a track of their work. It has an 8 mm ruling and consists of 160 pages.

It has high quality paper of A6 type and is available in variety of colors. Its dimensions are -15.5 x 11 cm/155 x 110 mm/6″ X 4.25″ inches.

This notebook is available for only ₹499 at the Pinaken official website.