Has searching for all the ‘change’ inside your bag push you into an awkward position? Do you have to be somewhere and the autowallah doesn’t have the change and you have searched your bag upteen number of times for that one rupee coin? Too much trouble ain’t it? Is your loose hair troubling you and you can’t find that clip? You have all your papers flying, but hey, where’s that paper clip? Oh! You have to be in for a meeting and your button has come off and you need a safety pin and it has hid itself somewhere and you can’t find it?

Pinaken has something exactly for you. The Coin Pouch! This cute little bag will keep all your coins, pins, clips and small items at one place and absolutely safe. This zipper pouch comes with one compartment and a zip to keep all your possessions in place. The pouch is made of canvas and is embroidered and hand embellished. This pouch with the dimensions: 30 X 16 cm / 130 X 160 mm / 5” X 6” inches can be all yours in only Rs 249.

What are you waiting for? Make this yours now.

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