World Ozone Day: 10 Ways To Protect The Environment

World Ozone Day

Who doesn’t wish to have a beautiful and an aesthetically presentable home, right? And we do take care of it well! Now instead of your home think of a home that houses everything you can think of. Confused? Well, don’t be because we are talking about the common home of every living being – Earth. Don’t you think our planet needs to be well-kept? The answer to that is yes, but do we? Each of us can contribute to protecting, preserving and nurturing our planet and we can start RIGHT NOW.

So as the world observes World Ozone Day on September 16, let us check out some easy ways in which you can protect the environment on an individual level without going OTT or without breaking your work schedules.

Consider water as ‘BAE'

  1. Consider water as ‘BAE’

Water is ‘before anyone else’ because that’s a major saviour. Do not throw away non-consumable water. Pour it on the plants or clean the toilet with it. Try to conserve rainwater and reuse it.

Rivers as clean

  1. Rivers as clean as swimming pools

We want the swimming pools in the homes and hotels to be crystal clean. So why can’t we spend some time in keeping our rivers and beaches clean? One man, Afroz Shah, could clean an entire beach. His effort proves that if one man can do it, a sea of humanity can actually clean up every river in this country. So stop complaining about the rivers being dirty. Join a community or create one that initiates river cleaning campaigns.

Protect your Oxygen

  1. Protect your Oxygen

Trees are our life. Without trees, you and I would be unable to breathe. Plant more trees – the real ones, not the plastic. Start with a small plant in your living room.

Bid goodbye to plastics

  1. Bid goodbye to plastics

This is the easiest of all he efforts. Say no to plastics. Convince your family, friends, and all your peers to switch from the use of plastics to something more sustainable. You may receive some lectures on economics and ease but ignore those flimsy arguments.

Stop littering

  1. Stop littering

Show that you are a literate person and are aware of the major movement in India. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is something you cannot ignore. It is one of the greatest initiatives taken by any government in the history of India. Help keep your city garbage free.

How about a walk

  1. How about a walk?

Walks are romantic and good for the body, too. You may not even need to spend strenuous hours in the gym if you walk daily. Ditch the use of petrol as much as possible. Walk to office if you can. If not, opt for car pools or take a public transport. The less you create vehicular pollution, the better air your children will breathe.

Love, don't lust over electricity

  1. Love, don’t lust over electricity

Lit homes and lit spaces are loved by all, but think of some alternative to burning electricity. Use CFL bulbs, natural light, and even candles for an equally nice setting.

Let's not hurt animals

  1. Let’s not hurt animals

Saving animals by going vegetarian, if not vegan, is a great way. In any case, allowing animals to live, whether domestic or wild, will help the environment balance itself.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Not being your EVS teacher here but I assume you must have taken your EVS lessons by heart. So, at this level, it is time to switch to it by reducing waste, reusing items that can be reused and recycle materials which can be recycled.

Use Sustainable Food Items

  1. Use Sustainable Food Items

If it is very tough for you to turn vegetarian, try out the sustainable food items and give up on chemically treated food items. That is easier than you think and even good for your health.

Wasn’t it super easy to save the environment, that too on an individual level?

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