Weirdest Psychological Disorders

Weirdest Psychological Disorders

Psychology is a study of human behavior and mind. One would agree that humans are the most complex beings on this planet. What effects who in what way, nobody knows. People tend to behave in different ways which can be weird at times and may seem unnatural. These are called psychological disorders, which can be really disturbing and hard to cope with. Following are some of the weirdest and uncommon psychological disorders.


  1. Aboulomania

Aboulomania sufferers are ordinary in every way – physically and rationally – except that they cannot take decisions properly. They keep running into issues whenever they’re tasked with specific decision-making, to the degree that they have to battle to recapture their typical capacity. Some Aboulomania sufferers confront mind-boggling troubles in regular day-to-day existence, finding it almost difficult to do basic things. Even a decision as simple as whether to go out for a walk confuses them. Numerous sufferers report that their insufficiency to do what they need comes irrespective of the fact that they’re mindful of being physically fine—thus they appear to be detained by the powerlessness to satisfy their own will.

Caffeine Caused Disorder

  1. Caffeine Caused Disorder

Caffeine can actuate genuine nervousness, and a decent section of the world population is high on caffeine at any given time—which implies that there are numerous individuals who are experiencing nervousness as of now. While analysts have already recognized that caffeine expands the odds of tension, they have also discovered that individuals who currently have a normal level of uneasiness are unquestionably defenseless to the impact of caffeine on their minds.


  1. Apotemnophilia

Otherwise called body respectability personality issue, apotemnophilia is described by the “mind-boggling want to sever sound parts of the body”, as defined by Medscape. In spite of the fact that very little is thought about it, this issue is a known neurological disorder. Those in its grip harm themselves.


  1. Alien Hand Syndrome

This disorder is portrayed by the conviction that one’s hand “does not have a place with oneself, but rather that it has its own particular life”. People encountering outsider hand disorder have typical sensation yet feel that their hand is self-ruling, with a “will of its own.” Those with outsider hand disorder may find that the unaffected hand is under the person’s control while the influenced hand has its own motivation. This disorder may happen in people who have a problem with the corpus callosum, which interfaces the two cerebral sides of the cerebrum. Different causes incorporate stroke and harm to the parietal projection. The hands at that point give off an impression of being in “intermanual struggle” or “ideomotor apraxia,” which means they act contrary to each other.


  1. Fregoli Delusion

If you think that the person you just met has reappeared before you in another avatar – and this feeling is constant with everyone you meet – then you are suffering from Fregolidelusion. This paranoia makes the affected person often believe that different people are in fact a single person. Their mind creates scenarios and places which they try to connect with the person they have mistaken for another.

Pheww… That’s some weird shit.