The Weirdest Gifts of All Time

Gifts are a gesture of love, affection and thankfulness. So they ought to be special and beautiful. Have you ever gotten a gift and your mind was like “what the”? Well, here are some of the weirdest gifts that will certainly give you a shock.

  1. Lamp made of Human Skin

Gatherer Skip Henderson purchased an exceptionally peculiar lampshade at a New Orleans store which, after examination, turned out to have been made from human skin. Startled by the disclosure, Henderson gave the lampshade to his companion Mark Jacobson.

  1. Wax Statue of Mother

Alfred Hitchcock scared the wits out of 6-year-old Melanie Griffith when he gave her a wax figure of her mom Tippi Hedren in a pine box, spruced up in a similar outfit she wore in the famous blood and guts film ‘The Birds’.

  1. The Wisdom Teeth

Scarlett Johansson demonstrated her darker side when she gifted her wisdom teeth to her former husband Ryan Reynolds on his birthday. The teeth had been painted in gold and fixed as a pendant on a chain.

  1. Rape-themed Painting

During the Italian Renaissance, works of art showing assault on women were normal wedding gifts. Back then, the lady would move to the man’s home and turn into his ownership and the wedding blessings just symbolized the “seizure”.

  1. A human skin book cover

The weird gifts you read above pale into inconsequentiality when set against the one given by James Allen. He was an infamous 19th century highwayman who grudgingly left a gift for the man who brought him before law – John Fenno. Before he went to the gallows, Allen composed his biography – an admission of his wrongdoings – and orchestrated to have the book bound in his own skin. This was exhibited to the investigator. Today, it sits in the Boston Athenaeum.

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