Rakshabandhan 2018: Here’s How You Can Celebrate Rakhi with Pinaken Gifts for Your Sister

Rakshabandhan, the festival of sibling love, is just around the corner. It is a festival where a sister ties a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist, binding each other to an eternal promise of love and protection, whatever may be the circumstances.

Rakshabandhan is a festival of promise, and there are ways how you can show your affection for your sister’s promise of love. Pinaken sorts out the problem of what gift to choose for your lovely sister. It has a variety of products for her that she would absolutely love and cherish for life.

Sling Bags

Pinaken has a wide range of sling bags that are absolutely lovely and unique in their designs. It would give your sister not only the edge in style, but also comfort in carrying small things with her whenever she is out somewhere. They are lightweight and yet have a quality which makes them durable. Trust me, nothing can ever go wrong with a sling bag as a gift!

Embroidered Notebook

A notebook can be a very good choice to gift your sister this Rakshabandhan. She can write all her secrets, emotions, problems or simply pour her heart out. Penning down thoughts is good for the mind and the soul. So remind her that you care for her with a sweet gesture like a Pinaken notebook. Pinaken notebooks are jacketed with eye-catching and innovative embroidery, with superbly cute embellishments. It will become her journal where she can invest all of her thoughts, safely.

Card Wallets

In a world of plastic money, everyone prefers to keep credit or debit cards with them. Then there are so many other membership cards that one needs to carry with them. So, a card wallet with different sections for the cards is a must-have. A popular joke is that a woman’s purse is as deep as a void – things get lost in there easily. On a serious note, cards can get lost among an assortment of stuff inside a woman’s bag. So a card wallet will help keep the cards in one place and within reach. It would be a very sensible gift choice.

Cosmetic Bags

If your sister loves to wear make-up, then this would be an ideal gift choice for her. Cosmetic bags keep the make-up intact and the brushes in right state, which being very expensive need to be kept carefully. A cosmetic bag provides protection to the make-up and is easy to carry and pack along. Gift your sister a Pinaken cosmetic bag, which is a work of art in itself with the stylish embroidery on it.

Passport Holders

Pinaken has amazing passport holders, which are of very fine quality and style. They come in different designs which are quirky and also available in vibrant colors. Gift your sister a passport holder and help her set new travel goals. Let her go around the world in style with the stunning passport holders Pinaken has to offer. This is certainly an unusual and unique choice for a Rakshabandhan gift.

Check them out and decide yourself. The products speak for themselves. Happy Gift Choosing!