World Gratitude Day: 7 Ways to Thank Your Parents for What They Have Done For You

7 Ways to Thank Your Parents for What They Have Done For You

Thanking someone for something they did for you is really special. It makes the other person feel worthy about their efforts. Thanking everyone on this planet is easy except thanking your own parents. Like what would you say to them? “Thanks parents for…err…my existence”?

But, where there is a will there is a way. Here are some of the ways in which you can thank your parents effortlessly on the World Gratitude Day.

Let the Letters do the Talking

1.Let the Letters do the Talking

You might feel a bit uncomfortable in saying thank you for everything your parents have done for you. Even if you are super friendly and comfortable with your parents, this could be a herculean task. You will always feel short of words. So, a great way would be to take some time out for an extremely expressive letter of thanks and give it to them.

Personal Customised Gifts

2.Personal Customised Gifts

There could be nothing better than giving gifts. You can find various gifts for women which can surely and easily please your mother. You could easily find some gift ideas for mom and dad online as well. So, think about that one thing that they always wanted and present it to them with a note.

A surprise out of nowhere

3.A surprise out of nowhere

Make sure that this idea is a total surprise for them. Plan a simple but very special surprise – party, outing, family gathering – for them out of nowhere and whichever way seems suitable to you, thank them in that way.

Cheesy but Cute Voice Notes

4.Cheesy but Cute Voice Notes

Letters can be old school. So you can turn to some digital ways of thanking your parents. Send them some voice notes wherein you pour out your heart. Tell them everything you want to thank them for.

Take them on a Vacation

5.Take them on a Vacation

I am pretty sure your parents must have taken you for vacations. So, this time, do this for them and thank them for all the things they did for you to make you smile. It is your turn now.

Let Them Talk and Emote

6.Let Them Talk and Emote

Just like you, your parents have a lot in their heart to talk about and emote to you but they do not do it. There could be various reasons for it, so this time gift them your time. Sit and spend quality time with them allowing them to express their feelings.


7.Create a carousel of lessons they taught you and let them know you still remember it

This could be really special for parents because there is nothing that would make parents prouder to see their kids living their life according to the lessons and principles they were raised with. Make a note, carousel of pictures, voice notes, or tell them personally that you still remember every lesson they taught you.

We give you the surety that these ways of thanking your parents would give your parents the tears of happiness and they would beam with pride for you. These ways are totally effortless.