7 Things That You Can Gift Your Wife This Teej

Gift Your Wife This Teej

She not only takes care of your household and children, but keeps all the rituals, fasts and pooja for your prosperity. So isn’t it your duty to make your wife happy as well? On this Teej, pamper your wife with these gifts:


1.Bags and Purse: Gift her best purses and bags. Everyone knows how much ladies crave for purses and bags. Let her brag her beautiful personality with a beautiful bag. She might even not have time to buy one for herself. Surprise her with a bag that describes her personality and brings a smile on her face and of course, keeps all her stuff cosy and safe.

Watch beautiful hands

2.Watch:  Her beautiful hands that keep working day and night for you deserve a snazzy look. Something that will make her look pretty and keep her updated with the time. Make her realize that apart from all the time she spends for you, she should spend some on herself too.


3.Perfumes: Celebrate the woman she is. Gift her perfume, a classic, exotic one that would set her class apart. It’ll give her all the attention she deserves and a different identity. Make her feel special this Teej.

Home Appliances

4.Home Appliances: Give her a break from all the extra work she has to do. Let the machines do the work and help her with the household work so that she can give time to herself, sit with you and also follow her other hobbies and dreams. Don’t make her tire out with no reason. She has a life too. Make sure you make her life easier by any means possible.

Cosmetics bags

5.Cosmetics: Make her feel more beautiful than she already is. Gift her brand-new cosmetics in a Pinaken cosmetic bag. Let her feel young again. Enhance her glow. She is so busy with all the work she hardly has time for her skin and hair. Give her the products that will look after her skin and hair. And of course Make-up to touch up that lovely face of hers.


6.Dresses: What was the last time she wore a new dress? Or did you catch her staring a saree in that mall? Go buy her that. Gift her a saree or a dress. Anything for a smile on her face! Choose among all the vibrant and beautiful colours that will bring out the best of her.


7.Jewellery: All the girls out there love to wear jewelleries. Show your love to her by buying her neck pieces or earrings, bracelets or anklets even. For your priceless sweetheart, a diamond or platinum piece will be the best option. But anything given out of love is also as valuable.

But keep this in mind. Gifts are materials things. Apart from this, spend time with her. Let her know how much you love her, how much she means to you. And not just one day but the whole year round, love her unconditionally and respect her and keep showering her with all things nice.