6 Funniest Christmas Gifts Ever

christmas gifts

How do you want to spoil your loved ones on this Christmas? By giving them gifts, right? So, when you have decided to be the Secret Santa for your loved ones already then be it in a funny way. Here are some funny Christmas gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones and make their Christmas merrier than they have thought.

Santa Costume

1. Santa Costume

Let me start with the funniest of them all, and that is a Santa Costume. They are of literally no use but of some use. But it would surely bring a smile on the faces you are giving it to.

Pack Of Memes, One After The Other

2. Pack Of Memes, One After The Other

Take few cards of memes of print out of popular memes first. Second, start packing box after box with gift wrapping paper and keep sticking memes to it. And at the end, give them nothing saying that the smile you had while reading all these memes was your gift.

Toilet Paper Roll

3. Toilet Paper Roll

Well, hands down, they will be of utmost use. But, they will also be totally funny to give it to someone. Will you be slightly ashamed if they un-box it in front of you?

pair of socks

4. A pair Of Socks

You don’t ever need to do this, but you can if you are in a mood of sending some funny gifts to your loved ones. Yes, socks are needed in the summers but I doubt if someone would be looking for it as a Christmas gift.

Adult Colouring Book

5. Adult Colouring Book

With the adult images, may be! Now this is going to be damn funny and seeing people fill in the colours of their dreams and fantasies on those images could be a topic to talk on.


6. Jellies

Give the jellies to the people especially who hate them. They can’t even say No to you and also can’t eat it because they hate it.

Not all gifts can be useful and thoughtful, right? You got to be messy and you got to be playful when it comes to your loved ones. Hence, wish them a Merry Christmas in the most gleeful way through these gifts

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