5 Cliché New Year Resolutions You Must Let Go in 2018

Cliché New Year Resolutions You Must Let Go in 2018-01

‘Cliché resolutions’, well these two are two different words but the meaning rather goes same. Resolutions are always cliché and are also meant to be cliché. We say resolutions are meant to be broken but why does that happen? It happens because we make tough resolutions and are unable to cope up with them. Here we are listing down 5 of the most cliché resolutions we all make and fail at keeping up with it miserably.

P.S – Don’t make these resolutions any more in 2019. Stop it now guys.

“I will join the gym and make myself fitter”

1. “I will join the gym and make my self fitter”

Now, be honest with me. Don’t we all take this particular resolution every year and start hitting the gym on the first week of Jan and get de motivated again by the end of the month itself. We all make unrealistic diet plans and keep cribbing about it. Well, leave this baggage behind this year and don’t carry it forward in 2019. Instead be smart and do fitness regimes that your body feels suitable in.

“I will control myself from spending too much”-01

2. “I will control myself from spending too much”

Most of us have been guilty of spending our salary more than saving or investing. But making resolutions every year to not spend and then being anxious about lots of stuff is never going to happen. A better idea could be to take some amount of money to spend and invest the rest.Do not make unrealistic standards for yourself for saving and investing. Find your balance in everything.

“I will do better in my career no matter what”-01

3. “I will do better in my career no matter what”

We all swear to ourselves that we would studybetter or work better and do so much better things that everything becomes abaggage. We get tired of everything and can’t cope up with anything that wehave promised ourselves. So, make smaller goals and plans and stick to those.

“I will restrict my phone usage by 90%”-01

4. “I will restrict my phone usage by 90%”

This is the biggest lie we promise to ourselves every year or ever day rather. But this is the toughest to keep up with. Don’t go so long with making such plans for yourself. Leave this baggage again in 2018 and enter 2019 with a fresh mood and a fresher plan.

“I will learn something New Every Month”-01

5. “I will learn something New Every Month”

And when you don’t do it any month, you end up not continuing it for the coming months as well. This happens to all of us because it is on our mind that if it is lost midway, let us not continue for later too. This is wrong and also pressurises you in some way. A better plan could be to not make rules as per the months.

These resolutions are totally unrealistic, and none of us should carry this baggage to the next year. The reasons why resolutions are broken is because we make unrealistic and tough ones. Make some easy resolutions and progress slowly with it. 

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